The building blocks of written language
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This workshop will equip participants with tools and techniques to write operational policies that clearly define the requirements for operational staff and related procedures that guide a performer in completing a given task.

For the Category of Communications (Business Writing):

You will learn the characteristics of well-written policies and procedures and how to draft coherent operational policy statements and understandable procedures following proven techniques. This workshop helps writers prepare a succinct document, with ideas logically presented and in an easy to-read format. You will learn how to analyze and structure your information, ensuring a concise first draft with a targeted summary.

Pre-Writing Skills – Building Blocks Therapy

The workshop offers tips that apply to a wide range of templates and styles. Skip to main content.

Writing Skills One of the most enduring, value-add life skills is the ability to write well. This goes far beyond grammar and vocabulary as the written form of communication is now digitally captured for posterity. Writing well allows you to provide an audience with the full picture of what you are seeking to accomplish.

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Building Blocks of Writing Skills has been purposely written to meet the writing skills need for the Schools in Papua New Guinea. It is designed to be. Promote motor development by giving children exciting opportunities to use their fingers says Alison Harris This series has introduced basic skills for.

It lets you "sell" your ideas effectively and reduces the effort required to accomplish objectives, goals and tasks. We offer training that efficiently covers the fundamentals so that you can deliver the clarity and structure that gets things done confident that your written efforts will achieve short term results and stand the test of time.

Building Blocks of Writing: Vocabulary, Spelling and Grammar

We also offer more specialized courses for technical writing and writing for the web. Writing for the Web. Writing for Success: The Fundamentals. Plain Language: Tips and Tricks.

Bat balloons with both hands on the bat. Pencil grip: Use small approximately one-inch , fat crayons to colour, scribble, or draw.

Narrative Building Blocks

This can help your child to hold the crayon in a tripod grasp. Upper body strength: Weight-bearing activities such as wheelbarrow walking, different animal walks bear , crab , snake , etc.

About this course

Climbing and using playground equipment are great in increasing stability and strength in the arms and trunk. You can also encourage your child to lie on their tummy with the arms propped at the elbows while reading or colouring.

Object manipulation in-hand manipulation : Play with construction toys such as Lego and Duplo. Play with coin banks and Connect 4. Bilateral integration: Bouncing a large ball with both hands, tearing strips of paper to make a collage, or pulling apart construction toys with both hands require symmetrical movements of both hands.

Literacy Building Blocks: Writing

Threading, cutting, and colouring activities on the other hand require both hands to do different things at the same time. Hand division: Provide activities that require the child to pick up small objects with their fingers.

You can use pompoms. Encourage them to pick them up with their thumb, index and middle fingers while keeping the ring and pinky fingers tucked in against the palm. You can print out Dot-a-Dot printables and have your child pick up the pompoms and place them on specific areas.

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Tweezers and tongs are also great activities to encourage hand division. You can have them hold small objects with their ring and pinky fingers as they use the tweezers with their thumb, index, and middle fingers to pick up different objects. Visual perception: Jigsaw puzzles and mazes are some activities you can engage in to develop visual perceptual skills. You can also try tracing in different mediums such as sand, shaving foam, or on a chalkboard.