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Unfortunately she remained slamless, certainly one of the strongest players ever without a slam. Instead she cruised to gold in the olympic games of Bejing, and based on her reaction this was more of a delight to her than a slam could possibly have been. I will most of all remember her positive, friendly aura and her beaming smile, which she showed regular, even in tense situations on court.

25. Andy Roddick

Simply a very sympathetic, cute and sexy appearence and -despite comparatively few achievements- one of the most popular female tennisplayers ever to walk on court. She was far from being my favourite, I never really liked her playing style. It became almost impossible to get out of the hail of projectiles on both fore- and backhand then. Probably the best female tennis player ever when standing. Davenport was in trouble when she had to run, a big deficiency.

Serena Williams And The Difference Between All-Time Great And Greatest Of All Time

Still she won lots of titles, a great career. The likable Belgian was always a little outshined by her brilliant compatriot. Started a comeback as a mom and and snatched two US Open Titles in brilliant fashion. Additional reading: Hottest female tennis players ever. The beatiful russians income with advertising contracts is many times higher than with prize money.

A flagship of women tennis players in the last decade. The US american established a new style of play -the both-sided power hitting- and was able to end the dominance of German countess Steffi with it. Unfortunately her career was influenced massively by a malicious assault. She managed to have an impressive comeback after the attack, but nonetheless was robbed of her best years and probably a few more slam titles. Jenny-Baby was one of my favourites. She had success on the WTA tour as a fourteen year old already, followed by a tough phase off the the courts.

I missed all of that, only when she came back in the new millenium I noticed her. Enormous power, quickness, courage and fighting spirit characterized her. Her duel with Justine Henin at the US Open went down as one of the greatest matches ever played in tennis history. Chess player on tennis court. She started to dominate as a fourteen! She retired quite early and came back after a few years. She will always be remembered for her service from below in the final of the French against Steffi Graf. An insane scene, never seen anything remotely like that. In company with Boris Becker, Miss Forehand caused a tennis boom in good old Germany and became the most successful female tennis player of all times.

The nickname is actually quite accurate, she almost exclusively sliced the backhand, with her forehand she dominated at will.

Take a look at some of finest specimens the world of tennis has to offer

This is a book of the top tennis players. That's it as of A list of names. Nothing about the players, their lives, their tennis skills, nothing. Buy Greatest Female Tennis Players to Ever Play the Game: Top Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews -

Getty Images Getty Images. Then, as mentioned above, Seles upended everything. Post-stabbing, Graf immediately won the next four Slams and 10 of the next The Seles shutdown was just too important. Other than Bird-Magic, the athletes whose careers are most intertwined and automatically associated with each other are Chrissie and Martina. Spoiler alert: Serena is at No. Those last three numbers show a level of consistency and greatness the sport has ever seen. Serena might play tournaments in some seasons.

Martina would win tournaments. Serena took her foot off the gas in the middle of her career while Martina was unbelievably consistent for 15 years.

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Serena geared her years toward Slams, while the breadth of a tennis schedule should still carry some weight. She played more and won more. Martina skipped the Australian Open seven times and the French five times. Evert played in Melbourne just five times in 18 years she made the finals each time and won twice.

She also skipped the French three times even though it was the tournament she dominated most.

Why Serena Williams Is the GOAT of Women's Tennis | Stadium Talk

World Team Tennis had come to overshadow the European clay-court season. Next, and biggest, is the level of competition.

Serena had herself. Navratilova was in Grand Slam finals, in Slam matches and in overall finals. Evert had the edge on clay and in three-set matches while Martina owned every other category.

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The duo dominated the sport like none before or since. They were like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic rolled into one. Though they made each other better in rivalry, they almost certainly made each other worse in terms of numbers. If there were no Evert, how many Slams would Martina have won? Same goes for Evert?

She had Justine Henin for a few years and Venus for a few more. Her level of competition paled in comparison to the stacked fields Martina and Chrissie used to play, namely themselves. Fourteen times the rivals played in Slam finals and 22 times overall in majors.

She came up at a great time to dominate but without the competition that would provide her the greatest test. Henin dominated the sport during those years when Serena seemed disinterested, both due to injuries, outside interests and family issues.

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Kim Clijsters was a fine player and fun to watch and root for, but was hardly a worthy adversary. And I love Venus Williams. Venus is grace personified. After that run, she remained a great grass-court player but was a mediocre on clay and merely a very good hard-court player.