Secrets & Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control & germ Warfare

Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control & Medical Abuse
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More Than 4,000 New MKUltra Documents Requested From CIA After Crowdfunding Campaign

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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE

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Project MKUltra began on this day in 1953 and continued for years

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Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Publisher overstock copy. It was undoubtedly adequate to transport agents and munitions for experimental use. As already mentioned, the most advanced propaganda weapon of psychological warfare units, the lb. The regular US Air Force had approximately 70, of these leaflet cluster bombs in its storage hangars by Colonel John J. Selected by President Truman to organize the Central Intelligence Service, the predecessor of the CIA, Vandenberg had many personal connections to create some semblance of his vision.

In fulfilment of that vision, in addition to Special Forces, regular military units in Korea worked closely with the CIA which also had its own air arm based in Taiwan operating under the cover name Civil Air Transport. Born in April the Psychological Strategy Board was an attempt to put a White House stamp on unconventional and covert warfare. Within the limited confines of this paper we present two episodes where direct evidence Chinese and North Korean and corroborating American evidence combine to bear on our assertion that through covert channels the United States experimented with biological warfare in the Korean War.

The purposes of these field experiments were to achieve some military objectives and to test a range of agents and munitions. This board had four contingency plans for the developing situation in Korea, and two of them incorporated 'novel weapons'. The second contingency never occurred, but the first did. The negotiations for a ceasefire in Korea showed signs of breaking down shortly after they began, and were in fact suspended from 23 August until 25 October Although the documents carried a memo saying that it was an approved plan, the representative of the Pentagon wanted to know why there was no formal indication of this fact on the plan itself.

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Germ warfare? Secret mind control programs? New tell-all to be featured prominently in a National Geographic television special recounts the CIA's dirtiest . Secrets and Lies by Gordon Thomas is an interesting read if a person wants a well researched introduction into CIA sponsored mind control and biological germ.

Why was there no box carrying the facsimile signature of the person in authority? Four days later, in accordance with 'an oral directive,' three Army colonels left Washington for a top secret trip to see General Ridgway, commander-in-chief of the Far East Command in Tokyo. Perhaps it was a chance event. Evans, Jr. This was in the wake of a simulated exercise for tactical employment of these weapons in September As nervous rumblings about the operation continued into late November , there was a flap about 'statements concerning Novel Weapons. But the director of the Psychological Strategy Board, former secretary of the army Gordon Gray, presumably with presidential backing, continued to push.

The second episode concerns the dual role of the air force's Psychological Warfare Division as both responsible for propagandistic leaflet drops and for biological warfare planning and operations. This dual role requires historians to check any evidence appearing in US operations orders that the Chinese version of events, based on their direct evidence, may be the correct one, and that corroborates the information in the confessions of captured US flyers.

But those that have raise questions about some B missions. On May 19 through May 23, for example, the operations orders dispatched thirty B aircraft on armed reconnaissance night flights to designated areas of western North Korea to hunt and destroy vehicles and rolling stock.

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In each case one flight of four bombers was directed to a particular place where a railway bridge or short piece of the railroad had been attacked all day by fighter bombers. The after-mission reports show that the bombardier of the last aircraft dropped two leaflet bombs labeled M at the very end of the attack. Air Force: a selective listing, ,' which lists the M as a biological bomb. Taking into account the evidence and analysis of our book this source confirms the link between the US Air Force biological ordinance, its use as recorded in the after-mission reports of the US Fifth Air Force in Korea and what the Chinese and North Koreans thought was happening to them on the ground via the M bomb.

Colonel William G. The appropriate time for humanitarian warnings to the villagers along the railway tracks would have been before and not after , pounds of bombs dropped by thirty-six F fighter bombers beginning in early morning and the loads of four Bs late in the evening. Warning for the next time would ring rather hollow, since the cycle of bombing on these targets was weeks apart. The Chinese allegations of biological agents dropped in this fashion and in this combination can no longer be dismissed, since detailed evidence from both the US and Chinese archives show that they were quite feasible, they were in line with US capability for covert warfare and that they happened.

These two episodes support the charges made in February-March by China and North Korea that the United States was employing biological agents. The Chinese premier, Zhou Enlai, warned in a radio broadcast that any US forces caught using biological weapons would be treated on capture as war criminals. Some commentators have suggested that the Chinese fabricated their case about germ warfare, that their leaders did not believe it, and that they spread lies to embarrass the United States. This controversy stemming from copies of documents said to come from the archives of the former Soviet Union and our views on it have already been published elsewhere.

Top secret documents from the Chinese archives made available for the first time to the authors reveal Mao and Chinese premier Zhou Enlai in consultation with Chinese party cadre, military command and health officials attempting to figure out what was happening.